DaSL prioritizes open source resources for tooling to support our clinical and research communities at Fred Hutch. Our emerging resources will be housed in our WILDS GitHub organization as well as the emerging homepage for WILDS. This org is where you can get Workflows Integrating Large Data set and Software.

Our work in populating the WILDS aims to address the following goals:

  • highlighting, maturing, and enabling translational implementation of open source research software for biomedical research that is developed at Fred Hutch by DaSL or Fred Hutch staff
  • development of supportive tools for a range of end user expertise levels that make the management, processing and presentation of diverse types of translational data sets (medical record, laboratory, sequencing, imaging, etc) less of a burden
  • reduce the requirement for individuals to have specialized expertise in software, computing and technology who want to advance their science or clinical care to be more data driven and leveraging advanced technologies and analytics
  • build the bridges that span the “data chasms” that exist in clinical care and research that prevent us from creating a continuous loop between research data product development and clinical implementation
  • focus on the specific bridges of most utility to making Fred Hutch staff able to do things with data today that will be standard practice in the clinic and in research in 10 years
  • integrate principles from across disciplines related to data science such as policy and governance, data management, reproducible analysis, data sharing and open science into the very tools we create rather than assuming those practices are up to the user to understand and implement separately

For more information contact at wilds@fredhutch.org.