Translational Analytics

Translational Analytics is a team of data scientists with the aim of solving translational problems in data analysis across the Fred Hutch. Our goals are to:

  1. Improve the interoperability, quality, and accessibility of healthcare data,
  2. Develop accelerator data products that address data access and analysis needs while upskilling the data science capabilities at Fred Hutch, and
  3. Understand the user needs around healthcare data at Fred Hutch.

Our Work

Some examples of what we’re working on:

  • Implement common data standards such as the OMOP CDM
  • Develop user guides and documentation of Fred Hutch’s data assets to improve accessibility and support democratization of data
  • Create data products and support patient data access for research
  • Pilot and prototype self-service tools for working with patient data

Data Accelerator Products

Data Accelerator Products are versioned, time-bound data science solutions for Fred Hutch clinical researchers. We are interested in developing products that prioritize open source solutions, code sharing within FHCC, reproducibility, and collaborative efforts.

Some examples of this work include:

  • Develop data pipelines and ‘data-as-a-product’ solutions for FHCC patient clinical data access
  • Define rule-based and probabilistic patient cohort defintions
  • Interactive visualizations and analysis tools utilizing FHCC clinical data

Our ability to develop top-notch data accelerator products for FHCC team depends on ongoing data infrastructure improvements. We appreciate your patience as we continue to make improvements to the type of solutions that are available for FHCC researchers.

As a data science lab, we are interested in learning from the community and testing new ideas. Please reach out to our team with ideas for new data science products.

Connect with Us

Examples of how our team can work with you:

  • Data access and short-term analysis support can be requested on FHCC CenterNet.
  • Provide advice and navigation through a 20 minute Data House Call
    • Choose clinical data access to meet to Monica (Translational Analytics Manager) and Jenny (Data Governance Specialist) to discuss how we can support you in accessing and using FHCC patient data for research
    • Choose data analysis to meet with Monica to discuss data analysis and visualization questions
  • Consult on research projects through the TDS IRC funding mechanism
  • General questions can be sent to

Our Staff

photo of Monica

Monica Gerber – Translational Analytics Manager

Monica has a background in biostatistics and epidemiology. She’s interested in helping researchers implement reproducible workflows for statistical analysis, working on ways to pair technical shifts with cultural shifts to advance science, and building inclusive data science communities.

More about Monica

photo of Vivek

Vivek Sriram – Data Scientist, Translational Analytics

Vivek has a background in biomedical informatics, statistics, and computer science. His work at DaSL focuses on developing and productizing statistical and machine learning systems for electronic phenotyping and cohort identification across the Hutch. He is passionate about simplifying the medical discovery process from bench to bedside.

More about Vivek