Tools and Applications

This page is our home for links to the various tools and applications we support. Check back frequently for updates and new information as our team grows.

All documentation about Data Science Lab Tools and best practices can also be found on the Fred Hutch Biomedical Data Science Wiki.

Emerging Data Infrastructure

Find out more about what data infrastructure projects we have in process in collaboration with various Fred Hutch IT groups via the “General” Data House Call.

  • Updates on ongoing Fred Hutch patient clinical data infrastructure projects
  • Updates on ongoing computing and data application projects


PROOF (PRoduction On-ramp for Optimization and Feasibility) is a user-friendly tool designed for managing and executing WDL (Workflow Description Language) workflows using the Cromwell workflow manager, configured to run on the Fred Hutch cluster. PROOF allows users to:

  • Automate all the backend configurations necessary to run your workflows instantly.

  • Validate, troubleshoot, assess performance, and run their workflows all under one roof.

  • Refine their workflows before potential transitions to cloud-based infrastructures, providing a ‘proofing’ resource of sorts.

Find out more on the PROOF page on the Fred Hutch Biomedical Data Science Wiki


We are working on rolling out support for a local cBioPortal instance for FHCC staff. You can learn more about the public instance at and stay tuned for more information about the FHCC instance.