Data Science Partnerships

The Data Science Partnership team is an emerging group that helps to facilitate matching the right technology or data science partner capability with the right research or clinical use case at Fred Hutch. This work is done collaboratively with Business Development and Philanthropy in support of Fred Hutch faculty and staff.

Our Work

This group was formed in late March 2024 and is currently developing its short and mid term priorities. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us as described below.

Connect with Us

Schedule a Data House Call with Brian Bot (Director, Data Science Partnerships) if you are interested in learning how DaSL can help facilitate data science capabilities. Some examples of areas that might be of interest:

  • You have a gap in data science and/or technology need that would benefit from a known (or unknown) partner.
  • You have been contacted by a data science and/or technology company that is interested in partnering and could use a sounding board for if/how to proceed.
  • You are interested in an offering from a data science and/or technology company that you would like someone to help you assess for fit.

Or any other questions you have that relate to Data Science Partnerships.

Our Staff

photo of Brian Bot

Brian M. Bot - Director, Data Science Partnerships

Brian has more than two decades of experience in a variety of roles at the intersection of data science, biomedical research, and technology. He is the Director of Data Science Partnerships for DaSL and functions as a liaison between subject matter experts in order to develop and implement ethical data ecosystems that advance biomedical research and clinical care.

More about Brian