Welcome to the Fred Hutch Data Science Lab! The mission of the Fred Hutch DaSL (pronounced “Dazzle”) is:

To coordinate data science activities, build community, make data easier to use, and create value for Fred Hutch scientists through data resources, partnerships, philanthropy and infrastructure.

The core values of the Fred Hutch DaSL are:

  • Inclusive - We believe every scientist is a data scientist! We want to support everyone from those in wet labs, to large scale clinical trials, to massive cohort studies and everyone in between. We also strongly believe in building a respectful community as reflected in our code of conduct.
  • Supportive - We believe in a strong community of data scientists who support each other and share knowledge, celebrate success, and commiserate over challenges together. We subscribe to the belief that everyone is a data scientist! So whether you are managing a few Excel files or processing hundreds of TB of genomic data, we want to support you!
  • Open - We are strong advocates for open science and reproducible research and will develop our work in the open, share the resources we develop with open source licenses, and distribute them on platforms to make it easy to find and use.
  • Sustainable - We are in this for the long haul. We know that building data resources takes a huge commitment of time and effort. So we want to make sure that those resources are developed in a way that makes it possible to maintain them without overwhelming our team or yours!