Data Governance

This emerging group aims to create a collaborative network across Fred Hutch to provide additional support for data governance generally. This involves partnering with Fred Hutch departments like legal, compliance, IT and others to develop a comprehensive network of communication and documentation related to data governance, policy, procedures, and best practices. DaSL supports investigators navigating resources at Fred Hutch regarding data policy and governance processes surrounding topics such as data use agreements, software licensing, data oriented tech-transfer issues and guidance regarding IRB oversight of data use. We also support various ongoing projects and efforts to promote data stewardship and literacy in the clinical and research community.

Our Work

Projects we’re working on:

  • Documentation of data access policies and procedures for Fred Hutch clinical patient data
  • Developing an honest broker process for review of clinical data requests for research
  • Coordination of clinical data agreements with data access and use with our Consortium partners (UW and Seattle Children’s).
  • Navigation support for data related compliance, privacy and oversight questions
  • Developing policy, best practices and guidance for use of AI and regulated research datasets
  • Providing resources for improved data stewardship and data management approaches

Connect with Us

You can email questions about data governance generally to or connect with us through our Data House Call program.

Data Policy and AI House Call

Use this Data House Call to discuss questions about data policy, data protection and AI use cases.

  • Inquire about the status of our AI interim policy and guidance for use of AI with patient and research data,
  • Ask questions about data use agreements, IRB protocols, and other data privacy or security concerns,
  • Get guidance regarding what aspects of our our data infrastructure supports your intended work.

Note, many of these concerns are best addressed by other subject matter expert groups at the Fred Hutch. This DHC serves primarily as advice where DaSL is responsible for aspects of these issues and navigation support for finding an expert to help you for those aspects that we are not.

Clinical Patient Data Access House Call

Use this Data House Call to discuss questions about Fred Hutch adult oncology clinical patient data access for research and it’s oversight.

  • Curious about how to get access to Fred Hutch clinical patient data?
  • Wondering what the newly signed agreement with UW means for the data that is part of the cancer program at Fred Hutch?
  • Want to learn about some of the ongoing work with DaSL, IT, Compliance, OTR and others that will be supporting the clinical data program at Fred Hutch?

Our Staff

photo of Jenny

Jenny Weddle - Data Policy & Governance Analyst

Jenny has a background in business analytics and compliance. She recently started as the data policy and governance analyst with DaSL and supports the effective and ethical use of data by various parties across Fred Hutch.