Data Jobs Across Fred Hutch

Come work with us! Here are some resources to help find jobs at Fred Hutch Cancer Center that are data-oriented. Would you like us to share your job posting with the Fred Hutch community? Share it with us and we’ll distribute it! Or you can post it in the #opportunities channel in FH-Data Slack.

Fred Hutch DaSL Jobs

The Data Science Lab is in it’s fledgling year and is hoping to grow in the near future. When jobs are ready, we’ll post them here. In the meantime if you’re curious about what DaSL is up to and interested in potentially joining the team in the future, you can schedule an informational interview with Sean and Amy using this link.

Data Science Project Manager

DaSL is on the hunt for a Data Science Project Manager to join our team ASAP!!!! If you or someone you know might be interested in joining a small but growing team, is game to be creative and collaborative, and is an excellent wrangler of humans and details to help DaSL get projects off the ground and shipped, send them our way!! This position serves to coordinate data science projects in DaSL from those related to clinical data at Fred Hutch to a diverse array of research related data endeavors. Find out more about the position and apply through Fred Hutch career page listing.

Data Governance Analyst (Data Scientist)

DaSL is looking for a Data Scientist with experience in facilitating the use of data in restricted environments such as in biomedical research where HIPAA, IRB oversight, patient consent and the array of legal data protection laws that can apply to biomedical data sets (e.g., GDPR). Find out more about the position and apply through Fred Hutch career page listing.

Check back soon for more!!

Fred Hutch Jobs

Check out Fred Hutch Cancer Center Careers page for more info on current data oriented jobs!!