Who We Are

As a part of Fred Hutch DaSL, we are committed to supporting friendly, open, and collaborative data science efforts.

photo of jeff

Jeff Leek - Chief Data Officer

Jeff is Chief Data Officer, Vice President, and J Orin Edson Foundation Chair of Biostatistics at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. He leads the Fred Hutch Data Science Lab in building a data environment that is both cutting edge and friendly, supportive, open, and collaborative.

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photo of Amy

Amy Paguirigan - Deputy Chief Data Officer

Amy is the Deputy Chief Data Officer and Associate Vice President and has worked to support bench and biomedical data scientists in translational research at Fred Hutch. She is co-leading the development of the Data Science Lab to support democratization of data, expertise and technology across the spectrum of our merged institution.

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photo of Sean

Sean Kross - Data Staff Scientist

Sean Kross is a Data Staff Scientist interested in building better tools and workflows for data scientists. His background is in computer science, cognitive science, and design. He leads the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) effort for DaSL.

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photo of Carrie

Carrie Wright - Senior Staff Scientist and Interim Training Director

Carrie has a background in genomics and brain imaging analysis. Her current work is focused on innovating ways to make data science and computational biology more accessible. She is a member of the Open Case Studies team, the Genomic Data Science Community Network (GDSCN), and the Informatics Technology for Cancer Research (ITCR) Training Network (ITN). She also currently leads the ITCR Training and Outreach Working Group.

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photo of Monica

Monica Gerber – Translational Research Analytics Manager

Monica has a background in biostatistics and epidemiology. She’s interested in helping researchers implement reproducible workflows for statistical analysis, working on ways to pair technical shifts with cultural shifts to advance science, and building inclusive data science communities. She leads Translational Analytics for DaSL.

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photo of Jenny

Jenny Weddle - Data Policy & Governance Analyst

Jenny has a background in business analytics and compliance. She recently started as the data policy and governance analyst with DaSL and supports the effective and ethical use of data by various parties across Fred Hutch.

photo of Abby

Abby Wall - Data Product Management Lead

Abby has experience in program, product, and project management for bioinformatics software products and tools. She manages the Fred Hutch Data Initiative portfolio for product and tooling development across Fred Hutch in addition to leading the DaSL Data Product Management Team.

photo of Taylor Firman

Taylor Firman - Research Informatics Lead

Taylor’s background is in computational biophysics, clinical bioinformatics, and high-performance computing. His work is focused on generating open source bioinformatics software tools for the Fred Hutch research community while fostering a spirit of collaboration through data consultations and community building. He leads the Research Informatics effort for DaSL.

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photo of Brian Bot

Brian M. Bot - Director, Data Science Partnerships

Brian has more than two decades of experience in a variety of roles at the intersection of data science, biomedical research, and technology. He is the Director of Data Science Partnerships for DaSL and functions as a liaison between subject matter experts in order to develop and implement ethical data ecosystems that advance biomedical research and clinical care.

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photo of Sandy

Sandy Ormbrek - Program Operations Director

A northwest native, Sandy began working at Fred Hutch in 1984. In her tenure, Sandy has worked in the PHS Division office, the epidemiology program, PHS Labs, and since 2000 in the Biostatistics Program before joining DaSL.

photo of Sana

Sana Hirata – Program Administrator

Sana is a Program Administrator for the Data Systems and Analytics team. She has been working at Fred Hutch since 2019. Prior to joining the DaSL team, she supported implementation of clinical trials in the Bezos Family Immunotherapy Clinic as a project manager in the Immunotherapy Integrated Research Center Project Management Office (IIRC PMO).

photo of Maleah

Maleah O'Connor - Research Administration Manager

Maleah has a background in Grant Manager with a focus on federal and foundation grants. She ensures grant compliance and manages all financial aspects of grant funded programs.

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Maria Owen - Executive Assistant

Maria has a background in higher education administration and public health grant initiatives. She joined Fred Hutch in October 2023 and will be supporting the efforts of DaSL team in an administrative capacity.

Our Groups

Find out more about our domain areas of expertise:

Scott Chamberlain - Software Developer

Scott has a background in ecology and evolutionary biology and software development. He’s interested in developing reliable software to solve user needs across Fred Hutch, and in helping those users build better software themselves as part of the HCI team.

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Sitapriya Moorthi - Affiliate Staff Scientist

Sita’s research background is in cancer biology, genetics, and genomics. Her experience spans a breadth of projects across multiple cancer types including leukemia, lung, breast, prostate, and gastric cancers. Sita has hands-on experience, ranging from conducting intricate bench experiments in molecular-cellular biology and genetics, to analyzing complex data from whole genome, exome, and single-cell sequencing. She is enthusiastic about creating efficient workflows and systems that bridge the data chasm, enabling fellow scientists to focus more on the research at hand, and less on the data gap. Sita works with our Research Informatics group.

Sindiya Devi Thangavel - Cloud Data Engineer

Sindiya is supporting the development of our Tools and Applications as well as providing data engineering expertise to a variety of DaSL infrastructure projects and data product development efforts.

photo of Brian Knox

Brian Knox - Senior Technical Project Manager

Brian has a background in product and project management. He works with the DaSL team on product development, feature delivery, and engineering efforts that support democratization of data at Fred Hutch.

photo of Ted Laderas

Ted Laderas - Data Scientist

Ted Laderas is a Data Scientist helping to establish Community Studios at DaSL. He has worked with lots of different data types and knows his way around a workflow. He champions building learning communities of practice in science and research that are psychologically safe and inclusive.

photo of Sonali Mishra

Sonu (Sonali) Mishra - User Experience Researcher

Sonu is a UX researcher interested in building impactful systems that meet user needs. Her background is in health behavior change intervention design and health informatics.

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photo of Vivek Sriram

Vivek Sriram – Data Scientist, Translational Analytics

Vivek has a background in biomedical informatics, statistics, and computer science. His work at DaSL focuses on developing and productizing statistical and machine learning systems for electronic phenotyping and cohort identification across the Hutch. He is passionate about simplifying the medical discovery process from bench to bedside.

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Training Group

Find out more about this group’s work on our Training page.

photo of Ava

Ava Hoffman - Senior Staff Scientist

Ava is a Senior Staff Scientist. She helps lead the AnVIL Project and the Genomic Data Science Community Network (GDSCN), exploring ways to make genomics research more accessible by connecting communities to cloud-based resources. Previously, she researched ecological genomics and worked as a data scientist in industry.

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photo of Elizabeth

Elizabeth Humphries - Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Elizabeth is a postdoctoral fellow. She did her PhD in molecular epidemiology and the genetics of mood disorders, and her MS in evolutionary and population genetics in birds. She works on the AnVIL Project.

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photo of Candace

Candace Savonen - Data Scientist

Candace has a background in neuroscience and is interested in making data science tools more approachable to those who are looking to apply them to their areas of knowledge and expertise. She is enthusiastic about reproducibility and documentation of data analyses. She works as a part of the Informatics Technology for Cancer Research (ITCR) Training Network (ITN) and DataTrail teams.

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photo of Howard

Howard Baek – Software Development Engineer

Howard is a Software Development Engineer interested in using R and other programming languages to build tools that help data scientists get their job done. He has a M.S in Biostatistics from the University of Washington.

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Chris Lo - Data Science Trainer