Openscapes @ Fred Hutch

The Fred Hutch Data Science Lab is proud to partner with Openscapes to bring the Openscapes Champions Cohort Program to Fred Hutch. Openscapes Champions is a mentorship program for scientific research groups. Centered around collaborative coding and open science, Openscapes meet scientists where they are and help develop skill sets, habits, and mindsets to make data workflows and team culture more efficient and resilient.

Openscapes Champions is a two-month program that is led remotely, with video calls designed for active participation to ignite sustainable change within research groups – within the realities of busy schedules and varying expertise and needs. The Champions Program operates with cohorts of 3-5 research groups, with 2-5 individuals per group (24-35 people total per cohort). Importantly, research group leads (faculty, lecturers, program managers, etc.) and members (students, analysts, lab managers, etc.) participate together so that 1) everyone sees and values what is possible with open data science; 2) leads enable members to invest time to learn skills and develop shared workflows; 3) members have guidance, agency, and support to incorporate concepts into their work; and 4) everyone becomes Champions for open data science, strengthening the community of practice within the research group and beyond.

For more information about participating in Openscapes @ Fred Hutch, please contact us at