About the Authors

These credits are based on our course contributors table guidelines.


Credits Names
Lead Content Instructor(s) Carrie Wright, Ava Hoffman
Content Contributor(s) Sandy Ormbrek, Elizabeth Humphries, Amy Paguirigan
Acknowledgments Beth Levine, Jessica Turner
Course Publishing Engineer Carrie Wright, Ava Hoffman
Template Publishing Engineers Candace Savonen, Carrie Wright
Publishing Maintenance Engineer Candace Savonen
Technical Publishing Stylists Carrie Wright, Candace Savonen, Ava Hoffman, Amy Paguirigan
Package Developers (ottrpal) Candace Savonen, John Muschelli, Carrie Wright
Art and Design
Illustrator(s) Ava Hoffman
Figure Artist(s) Ava Hoffman, Carrie Wright
Checklist Amy Paguirigan, Sean Kross