Chapter 12 Presubmission Tips

In this section we will outline how you can submit your DMS plan:

We are on the sixth step of our pathway - Submission

12.1 Submission by Funding Type

It is important to note that the submission process may be different depending on what type of grant your are applying for:

  • Extramural (grants)
  • Extramural (contracts)
    • DMS plans should be included as part of the technical evaluation
  • Intramural
    • Check with the Intramural Research Program
  • Other funding agreements
    • Plans should be submitted prior to the release of funds
  • Resource sharing plans will not be going away (but will not be about data and will instead focus on tools and model organisms).
  • There will not be a separate genomic data sharing plan. Genomic data sharing plans should simply be included in the overall DMS plan.