Chapter 13 Post Submission Tips

In this section we will discuss tips about what might be needed after you submit your DMS plan:

We are on the final step of our pathway - Post Submission

  • You can update your DMS plan if is not accepted during the Just-in-Time process.
  • You can also update your DMS plan during regular reporting intervals, but these changes will need to be approved by program staff. Researchers are encouraged to discuss such changes in advance.
    • Examples of appropriate changes include:
      • change in type of data generated
      • a more appropriate data repository becomes available
      • sharing timeline shifts
  • Investigators are expected to report progress made on data sharing in their annual Research Progress Performance Report (RPPR).
    • NIH staff will monitor compliance with the DMS plan during this process.

DMS plans can be edited during the Just In Time process or during regular reporting intervals, so it is okay if you need to make changes when you learn of better alternatives.