Additional Resources

NIH Samples

The NIH provides example DMS plans to help those who are writing their own.

Open Science Framework (OSF) Materials

Librarians and other stakeholders have joined minds to produce guidance materials for researchers, libraries, and librarians to prepare for the 2023 NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy. This working group has created documents for librarians and researchers to use in their institutions as they work to comply with the new policy, including:

  • Glossaries of DMSP & NIH Grant Terminology

  • Checklist for Researchers

  • Policy Readiness Checklist for Librarians

  • Example DMSP & Example DMSP catalog

You can download the materials and see any updated releases at the OSF project page. They have also utilized the OSF wiki to provide descriptions of their outputs, as well as citation information.

Several other university libraries have also created guides on data management you may find useful, including Northwestern, Stanford, MIT, University of Pittsburgh, and NYU.

Feel free to remix these documents to suit your needs with credit to the NIH DMSP Guidance Working Group.

Learn more about how OSF metadata can support DSMP compliance

Learn more about how OSF meets desirable characteristics for data repositories

Other Tools

In addition, there are several tools and resources that can help you write data management and sharing plans and help you learn about various policies:

DMPTool - a tool for:

  • writing your plan

  • associating your plan with your ORCID ID

  • sharing your plan (if you wish)

  • finding other people’s plans

  • finding guidelines for various sharing policies

SPARC - a resource for comparing different data sharing policies for a variety of funding agencies in the United States

  • includes many different funding agencies, such as the USDA, NASA, NSF, FDA, DOE and more

  • note that the NIH data sharing information is currently for the 2003 policy (this will likely change after the new plan goes into effect in Jan 2023)

Sherpa Juliet - also a resource for different policies for a variety of funding agencies

  • includes information on requirements for open access publication, as well as information about data archiving

Council on Government Relations (COGR) - additional information about policy requirements

Specific Platforms

If you submit your data to dbGaP, you may find this guide a useful resource.

Learn more about how the NHGRI AnVIL Platform can help meet DSMP policy requirements