Single Cell User Group Kickoff

The Fred Hutch DaSL is hosting a kick off meeting for people working with Single Cell genomics data to brainstorm what sort of user group structure might be helpful for their research.  It will be a hybrid meeting!  Please forward this event to anyone who might be interested - all are welcome and more opinions about what would be ACTUALLY useful would be best.  Be here to help set the stage for what comes next.

The rough “Agenda” will include at least some topics such as these timeless hits:

  • when should we meet and how often?
  • where should the physical part of the hybrid meeting happen?
  • what structure do people want it to be? 
  • how should it be led?
  • who else do we know who might be interested?
  • do we want snacks and coffee?

You can find current information on when and where these events are happening in our #dasl-news Slack Channel. Join us!