Effective Computing Drop In

Fred Hutch DaSL has started supporting a new drop in user group called Effective Computing. This user group will focus on learning about how to scale up your computing work from your laptop to whatever scale meets your needs. There are a range of computing resources at Fred Hutch and managing software, computing resources, and managing your work processes can be done via a variety of methods. This group will be hosted by a Fred Hutch DaSL member and joined by Hutch Data Core and Scientific Computing members. We will meet every other week in a hybrid setting (with both an in-person and hybrid component). You can find current information on when and where these events are happening and links to the remote components in our #dasl-news Slack Channel.

The expertise available by hosting members include:

  • using on-prem (gizmo) and cloud HPC resources,
  • managing software and computing environments,
  • using workflow managers like Cromwell and Nextflow.

The goals of the group include helping researchers do things like running compute jobs In parallel, use published software for your own work, or analyze very large datasets. Also, we hope to help users with similar use patterns and needs find each other for peer-to-peer support and mentoring.