Single Cell User Group

The Fred Hutch DaSL hosted a kick off meeting 9/26/22 for people working with Single Cell genomics data to brainstorm what sort of user group structure might be helpful for their research. 

Single Cell Kickoff meeting summary:

  • The group will meet Monthly on the 3rd Monday of each month at 2pm - the first day will be 10/17/22!!!
  • The meeting will be hybrid via the DaSL Owl (which helps make the remote experience much more reliable and pleasant) in a Teams meeting (in the Research Data Support Teams team General channel), and the physical component of the meeting will occur typically in the DaSL Lounge (M1-B406) in Arnold when construction is finished, but may “go on the road” as decided by the group
  • A Slack channel was created (#single-cell) to collaborate asynchronously and to send out reminders each month to get the group to organize the agenda for the following meeting.

Event ideas included:

  • Quickly walk through your favorite tool Vignette or your own “how I did this” live with the group to spawn conversation
  • Host SciComp to talk about best practices for infrastructure for single cell analysis at Fred Hutch
  • Hosting vendors to discover new kits and reagents for experimental design support
  • Discuss “best practices” and curate that information in a Pathway on the SciWiki for topics like access methods, data management, analysis tools
  • Discuss an analysis from the perspective of a downstream analysis and validation of the results
  • Twitter thread day! Share and discuss something we all learned from an excellent Twitter rabbit hole.

You can find current information on when and where these events are happening in our #dasl-news Slack Channel. Join us!