DaSL Projects

NIH Data Sharing

The NIH has introduced a new data sharing policy for 2023 that will require both new types of grant materials to be generated and also additional effort to implement these plans. We have begun drafting documents for supporting researchers at the Hutch in response to this NIH Data Sharing Policy. We took comments/feedback on our initial drafts during October and November of 2022. Moving forward, the Fred Hutch Data Science Lab will continue to maintain and periodically update our support materials for investigators developing NIH Data Sharing and Management plans. Keep checking back for updates, as this entire policy and the scientific community’s response to it will likely evolve over 2023 and beyond.

User Groups and Drop in Hours

The Fred Hutch DaSL has begun supporting a number of collaborative and community-driven regular events. These range from drop in hours where we’ve tried to bring together folks with expertise in certain topics or technologies to be a resource for staff looking to learn or get support or find community like Effective Computing, all the way to regular user group meetings on specific topics like single cell research.


The Fred Hutch Biomedical Data Science Wiki is a resource we support that aims to create a community curated knowledge base for biomedical data science and research computing including guidance on policies, resources and tools supporting data intensive research by researchers both at Fred Hutch and beyond.