NIH Data Sharing

DaSL began preparing to support researchers at the Fred Hutch in response to the NIH Data Sharing Policy in fall of 2022. We took comments/feedback on our initial drafts during October and November of 2022 and released draft materials in December of 2022. This page will be the home for our ongoing support materials.

The Fred Hutch Data Science Lab will continue to maintain and periodically update our support materials for investigators developing NIH DMS plans. In an attempt to catch people where they are, we will be creating a home for these materials here, in SciWiki, and in our future CenterNet page. Keep checking back for updates, as this entire policy and the scientific community’s response to it will likely evolve over 2023 and beyond. Grant writers can also schedule a Data House Call with a member of DaSL at any time to review draft plans, provide an introduction to our materials, or generally answer questions about support available for data sharing.

We are always open for feedback, corrections and contributions on our materials from the Fred Hutch community and beyond. If you like these materials and use them, let us know! If you have developed a great plan and want to share it with us, please do! If you have other feed back about our evolving support materials or the guide, we want to hear it. You can contact us by emailing anytime.

NIH Data Sharing Guide

We have created and are actively developing a guide you can find here that walks you through the process of complying with the new 2023 NIH Data Sharing Policy.

If you take this course and want to give us feedback or would like to learn more about it, you can share your thoughts in the FH Data Slack in the #ask-dasl channel) or you can fill out our Google Feedback Form or email us at

NIH Data Sharing Documents and Templates

We’ve also created the DMS Helper App where you can easily fill in template text and download a data sharing plan.

We’re actively working on improving and editing these documents as well as building a “Mad Libs” style template document for everyone to leverage. If you’d like to contribute to the Mad Libs template, you can provide example text using our Google Form. The more the merrier!