Register for DaSL Training: Season 1

The Fred Hutch Data Science Lab (DaSL) is excited to announce a long-form class and short-form seminars this fall to engage research and clinical professionals in the joy and practice of data science! Based on the results from the Needs Assessment Study, we are offering on-the-job data science training and community building. At DaSL, we believe that everyone, regardless of your educational background, can excel at data science.

All events will be held in-person with online synchronous options and recordings to observe. Registration is open to the Fred Hutch community - please sign up below!

Long-form class:

  • Introduction to R: You will learn the fundamentals of R, a high-level programming language, and use it to wrangle data for analysis and visualization. The programming skills you will learn are transferable to learn more about R independently and other high-level languages such as Python. At the end of the class, you will be reproducing analysis from a scientific publication!
    • Targeted audience: Researchers who want to learn coding for the first time with a data science application, or have explored programming and want to focus on fundamentals.
    • Commitment: 6 weekly 1.5 hour classes, with 1-2 hours of practice weekly. Course dates: Noon - 1:30pm PT on October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, and November 6. Register here.


  • Intro to Command Line: Fluency in programming and data science requires using computer software from the Command Line, a text-based way of controlling the computer. You will go on a guided under-the-hood tour behind the graphical interface we typically use: you will learn how to interact and manipulate files, folders, and software via the Command Line.
    • Targeted audience: Researchers who want to use scientific software launched from the command line, want to use a high-performance cluster computing environment, or want to use a cloud computing environment.
    • Commitment: A 1.5 hour seminar. Course dates: Noon-1:30pm PT on October 4th, or Noon-1:30pm PT on October 25th. Register here.
  • Intro to Git and GitHub: You will learn how to use Git, a version control system that is the primary means of doing reproducible and collaborative research. You will use Git from the command line to document the history of your code, create different versions of your code, and share your code with an audience via GitHub!
    • Targeted audience: Researchers who want to keep track the history of their code at a professional standard, and share it with an audience.
    • Prerequisites: Completion of Intro to Command Line or demonstrating competency.
    • Commitment: A 1.5 hour seminar. Course dates: Noon - 1:30pm PT on October 18th, or Noon - 1:30pm PT on November 1st. Register here.