Version 1.0 of the Fred Hutch Data Needs Study

Our vision for Fred Hutch is a firmly patient-centered organization, where continuously improving the development and delivery of care is the north star.
The best way that we feel we can foster a patient-centered organization is by ensuring that DaSL is a researcher-and-provider-centered group. Ultimately, we believe that our biomedical researchers and our healthcare providers are in the best positions to center the patient experience and define what the future of health care could look like, so we will be following their lead in an ongoing way.

As we’ve mentioned previously, we have been working during the first year of the Data Science Lab to engage the community in various ways as part of our first needs assessment project. After months of research, a Roadshow, many Data House Calls, hundreds of conversations and interviews, and countless hours of work, we are happy to release Version 1.0 of the Fred Hutch Data and Computing Needs Assessment. We cannot give enough thanks to the hundreds of people who participated in this version of the Needs Assessment.

Read the Executive Summary of the Needs Assessment.

Read the full Needs Assessment.

Understanding trends in the ever evolving work of researchers and providers at Fred Hutch will be a continuous project at DaSL. If you are interested in participating in this ongoing work, we would be grateful if you could reach out to us so we can make sure that your perspective is included in the next version. The best way to do this is to schedule a conversation using this link, or to email us at and mention the Needs Assessment in the subject. Stay tuned via our newsletter for future updates about our study.