Chapter 4 Start a Course

You can start a course on Leanpub and come back at any time.

  1. First, click on the course you want to take. You can then drag the slider or type in a number for the price you want to pay.

    The price slider is highlighted.

  2. Click “Add Course to Cart”. You will need to do this even if you take the course for free.

    The button is highlighted on the Cluster 101 course landing page.

  3. Click “Checkout with Free Purchase” if you are taking the course for free.

    The checkout with free purchase button is highlighted.

  4. Click “Complete Free Purchase”.

    The complete free purchase button is highlighted.

  5. This takes you back to the home page, which can be a bit confusing! You can get back to the course by clicking the hamburger menu, selecting “Library”, and “Courses”. You can also go directly to

    Leanpub home page.

    The library tab and courses sub-tab are highlighted from the dropdown hamburger menu.

  6. You should see your course listed in your “Courses” tab.

    Leanpub courses page lists one course, CLuster 101.

  7. Click on the course, and click “Go to course”.

    Cluster 101 course has been expanded and now shows a 'go to course' option.

  8. Click “Start the Course”.

    The course landing page now has the option to start the course.