Chapter 10 Create a Course for Authors

Before proceeding you should:

  1. Make sure that you have verified your email. Go to and click the link to resend a verification email if you haven’t yet verified your account.

    If our email has not been verified, we get a landing page that requests we do this. There is a link to resend verification.

  1. Go to If your page looks different from below, make sure your email is verified (above).

    The strating page to create a book or course.

  2. Fill in a title and URL. Select “In your browser on Leanpub”. We will change this to “Using Git and Github” shortly.

    The title is Programming 101, the url is programming101. The In your browser on Leanpub box is selected.

  3. Ensure you have selected the “FREE” plan.

    The FREE checkout option has been selected.

  4. Click “Sign up for the Free plan”.

    The sign up for the free plan is selected.

  5. Once you have the course link, you should send this link to an editor of your organization. For example, you’d send