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AnVIL Resources

Book Name Description Topics
AnVIL Demos ⏱ 30-minute demos and tutorials from our live AnVIL series anvil, cloud, cloud-computing, genomics, research
AnVIL Instructor Guide A guide for instructors using AnVIL for workshops, lessons, or courses. anvil, education
AnVIL Urban Genomics: Identifying population structure among feral pigeon populations Lab module and lectures for exploring PCA using feral pigeon populations anvil, genomics, pca, urban-data-science
AnVIL WDL Workflows Raw WDL workflow files for use on AnVIL and other platforms anvil, genomics, wdl, workflows
AnVIL: SRA Data Pull Sequence Read Archive (SRA) data into AnVIL anvil, genomics, ncbi-database, sequence-read-archive
AnVIL: Subsetting Your Data with WDL Tutorial for running the fastq_subsample WDL workflow on AnVIL! anvil, genomics, wdl, wdl-workflow, workflow
Epigenetics on AnVIL: Nature vs Nurture An introductory activity for epigenetics, or the idea of "nature versus nurture" in genetics. Learners use the UCSC Genome Browser. anvil, course, epigenetics, human-genomes, module, ucsc-browser
Getting Started on AnVIL A guide for getting started using AnVIL anvil, cloud-computing
Molecular Phylogenetic Techniques A semester-long course on the basics of molecular phylogenetic techniques anvil, r-programming

GDSCN Resources

Book Name Description Topics
GDSCN Book: SARS with Galaxy on AnVIL Lab module and lectures for variant detection in SARS-CoV-2 using Galaxy anvil, gdscn, genomics, module, sars-cov-2, variant-detection
GDSCN Book: SARS with RStudio on AnVIL Lab module and lectures for identifying phylogenetic history of SARS variants using R anvil, gdscn, phylogenetic-analysis, sars-cov-2
Intro R with swirl Lab exercise: learn basic R programming through interactive swirl lessons gdscn, swirl
Statistics for Genomics: Differential Expression A set of lab modules for an introduction to differential gene expression anvil, cloud-computing, gdscn, gene-expression
Statistics for Genomics: PCA A set of lab modules for PCA analysis anvil, gdscn, genomics
Statistics for Genomics: scRNAseq A set of lab modules for single cell RNA-seq analysis anvil, gdscn, rna-seq, scrna-seq