About this Module

This module is part of a series of books for the Genomic Data Science Analysis, Visualization, and Informatics Lab-space (AnVIL) of the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI). Learn more about AnVIL by visiting https://anvilproject.org or reading the article in Cell Genomics.

About SRA

This module will go over how to bring Sequence Read Archive (SRA) data into AnVIL.

You can check out the SRA website to learn more:

Sequence Read Archive (SRA) data, available through multiple cloud providers and NCBI servers, is the largest publicly available repository of high throughput sequencing data. The archive accepts data from all branches of life as well as metagenomic and environmental surveys. SRA stores raw sequencing data and alignment information to enhance reproducibility and facilitate new discoveries through data analysis.

It can be very exciting to learn how much data is at your fingertips! Once you have settled on some data to use, you’ll want to bring it into AnVIL if it’s not already there.

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Skills Level


Novice: no genetics knowledge needed

Programming skills

Novice: no programming experience needed

Learning Objectives

AnVIL Collection

Please check out our full collection of AnVIL and related resources: https://hutchdatascience.org/AnVIL_Collection/