Launching Scientific Software Development Community Studios

Have you ever taken an art studio class, perhaps in ceramics, photography, or painting? For those who may be unfamiliar: studio classes bring together people who are working on different projects in the same medium, so that they can share their work, seek feedback, and participate in a community of practice.

In the spirit of an art studio, we are excited to announce the first of a series of events we are calling “Community Studios,” the first of which will focus on scientific software development. We invite anyone who is interested in developing and sharing scientific software to participate! We believe this community studio can benefit several kinds of folks: Perhaps you need to publish a software package that implements an analysis method as part of a manuscript, maybe you have a collection of scripts that you would like to consolidate, document, and share, or maybe you are just curious about software development and you want to learn more. If that sounds like you, or a future version of you, we would love to see you at this community studio.

The first season Scientific Software Development Community Studio will start Wednesday February 14th at 2pm PT, and will continue to meet every two weeks on February 28th, March 13th and 27th, and April 10th and 24th. If you are interested in joining us for this Community Studio, please fill out this short interest form.