Free Workshops – Lunch included, April 29th

  • Do you want guidance and tools to make it easier to write data management and sharing plans for NIH proposals?
  • Do you want to learn more about whats possible with AI for research and ways that you could get started?
  • Do you write scientific manuscripts and wish you could format them faster?
  • Do you want to learn something new?
  • Wanna collaborate and connect with others doing similar work?
  • Do you like eating FREE lunch!!???

We are planning a workshop series sponsored by the ITCR Training Network in collaboration with the Data Science Lab about topics related to research.

Date: Monday April 29th Location: Weintraub Building B1-072/074

There will be three workshops as a part of this series lunch is included for all workshops, but you need to register ahead of time.

Workshops are interactive. so please bring your laptops and be prepared to participate!

These workshops parallel some of the online free course content available from the ITCR Training Network. So even if you aren’t available for this synchronous workshop, please get in touch with us or other folks in the Fred Hutch Data Science Lab if you are interested!

Register here!

Please note that we will cap each workshop to the first 30 people who sign up, so please sign up soon!

Workshop 1: Data Management & Sharing Plans for NIH Proposals (10:30 - 12 PM)

Many proposals now have requirements for data management and sharing plans. It can be difficult to understand exactly how to adhere to a policy and identiffy where to share data appropriately.

Topics covered:

  • Understand why you should be thinking about the new NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy for incoming proposals
  • Learn how to frame your NIH proposal and budget to meet the new requirements
  • Explore template text and tools that will help make writing your plan more straightforward

Free lunch at noon!!! (if you attend one or more workshops and register)

Workshop 2: AI Considerations for Research (12:30 - 2:00 PM)

AI is exploding in popularity; how can we use it for research and do it safely and ethically? What are the dos and don’t for AI usage? How can you identify pathways to get started?

Topics covered:

  • Introductory fundamentals about how AI works and different kinds of AI
  • Research and day-to-day task possibilities with AI
  • Considerations for avoiding harm when using AI
  • Strategies and solutions for integrating AI solutions into a project
  • Upcoming govermental regulations

Workshop 3: Write Smarter with LaTeX & Overleaf (2:15- 3:30 PM)

It can be super tedius to reformat your articles for different journals, come learn about a better way!

Topics covered:

  • Learn what LaTeX Overleaf are and why are they so useful for writing
  • Learn how to work collaboratively on Overleaf
  • Get started with a template for an arXiv preprint

We look forward to meeting folks in these workshops! Register here!