Chapter 1 About this Course

1.1 Curriculum

The course continues building programming fundamentals in R programming and data analysis. You will learn how to make use of complex data structures, use custom functions built by other R users, creating your own functions, and how to iterate repeated tasks that scales naturally. You will also learn how to clean messy data to a Tidy form for analysis, and conduct an end-to-end data science workflow.

1.2 Target Audience

The course is intended for researchers who want to continue learning the fundamentals of R programming and how to deal with messy datasets. The audience should know how to subset dataframes and vectors and conduct basic analysis, and/or have taken our Intro to R course.

1.3 Offerings

This course is taught on a regular basis at Fred Hutch Cancer Center through the Data Science Lab. Announcements of course offering can be found here. If you wish to follow the course content asynchronously, you may access the course content on this website and exercises and solutions on Posit Cloud. The Posit Cloud compute space can be copied to your own workspace for personal use, and you can get started via this introduction. Or, you can access the exercises and solutions on GitHub.