User Groups and Drop in Hours

The Fred Hutch DaSL has begun supporting a number of collaborative and community-driven regular events. These range from drop in hours where we’ve tried to bring together folks with expertise in certain topics or technologies to be a resource for staff looking to learn or get support or find community, all the way to regular user group meetings on specific topics. If you’d like to see more of these types of events and are part of the Fred Hutch/UW/Seattle Children’s Consortium, find us on FH Data Slack and start a conversation about what you’d like to see in either the #ask-dasl channel or an existing channel that seems appropriate! Or you can always email us at

Data House Calls

Data House Calls are a chance to leverage the Data Science Lab’s expertise to help you get where you want to go with your data science skills, data management plans and execution, computing needs and beyond. See our larger Data House Calls page where you can find ways to get help directly from DaSL staff on a variety of data oriented topics.

User Groups

Our User Groups are typically more focused on specific themes or topics that have nucleated because there are a number of people all interested in having more regular discussions, mentoring and knowledge sharing all on the same topic. Sometimes these can be broadly defined (like the R User Group), or more narrowly defined (like the Single Cell User Group). If a community builds in FH Data Slack that wants to kick off more regular hybrid discussions, we can help!

R User Group

The Fred Hutch R User Group meets every two weeks to discuss specific topics about R programming and to hold office hours. Everyone is invited to attend and present. If you are interested in presenting, the Data Science Lab would be happy to support you: please email to let us know you would like to present. You can find other R Users and discuss ideas in the #r-user-comm channel in FH Data Slack.

Single Cell User Group

This is a monthly user group meeting for folks doing Single Cell analysis of many flavors and in 2023 joined forces with the UW and BBI Single Cell groups to expand the group across all of the Consortium (Seattle Children’s staff are welcome to!). You can find out more about this meeting and it’s agenda in the #single-cell channel in FH Data Slack.