What is the DaSL Collection?

DaSL Collection uses the Github API to gather repositories that we have worked on. It renders the table in a markdown-readable format.

What is needed to list my repository?

The Collection workflow uses three important things to add courses to the DaSL Collection. These are the repository description, homepage, and topics tags. Repositories must be set to public to be listed in the Collection.

How often is the Collection updated?

The collection is rendered nightly between 3am and 5am EST.

How can I add my new course/content to the Collection?

Your repository must be created under the jhudsl, fhdsl, or datatrail-jhu organizations and meet the above criteria.

For repositories under other organizations, you can fork the repository into the jhudsl or fhdsl organizations. Example

I want to use the raw Collection data!

You can use the following link:


How do I edit description, homepage, and topics?

Where to edit

Start by clicking the gear button on the top right of the repository page on GitHub next to “About”.

Where is the `gear` button next to the "About" menu?

Edit repository description

Enter a concise description, for example “A guide for instructors using AnVIL for workshops, lessons, or courses.”

Add a description to the repository.

Edit repository homepage

Make sure you link to the website where your course is being rendered. For example, this repository links to https://jhudatascience.org/AnVIL_Book_Instructor_Guide.

Add a homepage link to the repository.

Edit repository topics

Finally, you should add any relevant topics, as they will be listed in the Collection table!

Add tags to the repository.